High Performance KVM Matrix

A DVI Extender, a USB Extender, a DVI Switch, a USB Switch, plus Audio and RS232 all rolled into one DVI KVM Matrix. The AdderLink INFINITY High Performance KVM Matrix system provides the pixel perfect solution. Adder have changed the way KVM is perceived by using standard networking systems as the core infrastructure. Modern high speed networks provide 24/7 reliability via standard Gigabit IP. Locate computers anywhere required, share connections, multicast HD video to limitless DVI/USB user stations with no distance limitations. Benefit from super fast switch times, ultra flexible USB support. Benefit from Pixel perfect Single and Dual Link DVI Video signals switched and extended, Single and Dual Head DVI Video signals switched and extended, Fast USB 2.0 switched and extended, Bi-directional Audio and RS232 in a totally scalable High Performance DVI KVM Matrix. Welcome to the world of High Performance KVM.

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  TV Technology - Best of show - NAB2015broadcast beat award for innovation    Queens award for innovation 2014  

KVM over IP stand alone units and KVM over IP Switches are designed to enable remote access to computers and servers across a LAN/WAN, the Internet or even ISDN/56K modem. Adder KVM over IP devices also enable out of band management enabling remote power cycling and BIOS-level access to remote locations or within a data center. Adder KVM over IP devices are jointly designed with Real VNC. Using the original industry standard remote access tool means that Adder devices are not only the highest performing, flexible and reliable on the market but also come packed with a whole host of additional features such as scaling viewers, high color depth and absolute mouse mode as standard.

A KVM switch is designed to enable KVM access to a selected target computer. The term 'KVM Switch' describes the ability to switch Keyboard, Video and Mouse between multiple computers. Selecting a computer on Adder KVM Switches can be done with the Mouse, Keyboard Hot-Keys, by RS232 or via an open API on many Adder KVM switches.

ADDER Rack Trays allow for management of 16 remote devices such as PC, Mac, SUN

Rack Trays and Rack Drawers - Adder Rack trays allow for management of 16 remote devices such as PC, Mac, SUN or almost any server. Adder rack trays feature high quality Samsung LCD display panels. Connection to remote devices is made via Adder CAM modules allowing you to connect an array of interfaces such as USB, PS/2, VGA, Audio and RS232. The RDX5000IP can be used as an RS232 console using the new CATx-Console CAM.

keyboard mouse switch

A key/mouse (Keyboard and mouse) switch is similar in operation to a KVM switch except it does not switch video. This allows multiple computers to display content across multiple screens while a user only needs a single set of interfaces (keyboard and mouse for example) to control all attached computers. Sometimes referred to as a command & control switch, these devices are often found in mission critical environments to improve desktop ergonomics and reaction time.

KVM Extenders encompass analog or digital video extension and control signals in a single KVM Extender product. The AdderLink KVM Extender range includes DVI Extenders, HDMI extenders and Displayport extenders all including USB Extenders. The range also has stand alone analog VGA Extenders, HDMI Extenders, DVI Extenders and legacy PS/2 Extenders. A transmitter or encoder is placed at the computer and a decoder or remote user station is placed by the monitor and control devices, e.g. keyboard, mouse, touch screen, graphic tablet or other USB device. These are connected together by means of a twisted pair copper (referred to as Cat X) or fibre optic cable. Distances supported are from 10 Meters to 10 Kilometres.

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Fiber Extenders

Adder Fiber Optic KVM Extenders enable a Dual-Head DVI Extender or Dual-Link DVI Extender over Single Mode or Multi Mode fiber optic cable plus USB, Audio and RS232. This makes products suitable for stand-alone DVI fiber optic Extenders or Digital DVI Video and USB fiber optic KVM Extenders.

Adder AV (Audio/Video) Extenders have gained a global reputation for signal quality, reliability and ease of use. Adder AV Extenders can be found in applications such as digital signage, public information systems, high profile electronic bill boards or anywhere you want to distribute high quality Audio and Video over long distances. As well as Audio and Video extension, the Adder AV Extender systems can also be used for RS232 control and management (see AV200 below).

USB extenders allow you to extend USB devices over long distances. Adder's range of USB extenders allow the extension of USB devices up to 300 meters over CATX cable, alongside VGA or DVI video. Some Adder USB extenders also carry audio. 

Digital signage is a growth industry, using the flexibility of motion graphics to deliver powerful advertising messages and information tools. The most stable form of signage system relies upon central play out devices delivering video signals via CAT5 or higher cable. The AdderLink AV series of Digital Signage solutions have been specifically designed to deliver bright, accurate video with full saturation and crisp digital audio up to 300 meters from the signal source. 

Adder Management software is used to manage devices. Often, management software provides a range of supplemental features not available on the device itself. This makes our management software ideal for complex or non standard applications which often require a unique and flexible tool set.

Adder optional cables and accessories are a range of devices not included as standard in certain products. This is usually because the product does not need it to operate in normal conditions, or in normal operation. These devices expand the installation options available to cater for unique scenarios and applications.

Rack mount kits are designed to allow Adder products to be mounted in standard 19 inch rack enclosures. Some mounting kits are designed to allow mounting in other locations such as VESA mounts or under desks. 

Power control units are essential for remote power management and control. Power control units can be used to power down and power up multiple individual devices.

Legacy products may no longer be available, but we maintain information on the device for your reference. Because Adder products are designed to last much longer than customers expect, we often find users need a source of information such as manual or specifications because the original copy has been misplaced. If you are looking for information you cannot find here, please contact us and we will be happy to check through our archives.

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