Adder Published Articles

Published Articles

We are often asked to provide comment and opinion to industry publications. Sometimes this is in the form of views on an important issue, and sometimes it is a story about Adder, our products and our customers. In this section you will find a selection of published articles covering a variety of subject areas.
Adder Technology to Showcase Technology Preview at NAB
Creative Cow - March 2016

Adder will be previewing an exciting new technology during the show. The new AdderLink XDIP is an IP-based KVM extension technology which allows IP matrices to be created without the need for a separate manager or control system. The device features feed-through ports, which are ideal...

IP workflow for Broadcast demonstarted at CABSAT
Broadcast Pro Middle East - March 2016

Adder will be demonstrating the performance, flexibility and ROI that IP-based KVM can bring to broadcast operations. From gallery control and outside broadcast, to the post production suite, showcasing a range of KVM...

Adder Technology to have technology preview at NAB
Regional Film and Video - March 2016

Adder Technology will be previewing an exciting new technology, the new AdderLink XDIP extender - an IP-based KVM extender which allows IP matrices to be created without the need a separate manager or control system. Also featuring feed-through ports...

Fine Tuning Dubai Radio
Broadcast Pro Middle East - March 2016

Dubai Channels Network has unveiled a fully revamped IP-based radio facility for its two channels broadcasting from Dubai. The state-of-the-art facility was handed over to the state broadcaster in December 2015. Vibhuti Arora brings you the details

Benefits of IP workflow to be demonstrated at CABSAT
Live Production - March 2016

Adder Technology, the high performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) specialist, will be focusing on the flexible and resilient benefits of IP in the broadcast space at this year’s CABSAT event from 8-10 March.

From data centre to trading floor how KVM can be used to secure finance industry assets
Information Age - February 2016

Financial institutions can reduce physical access to the servers to improve the security within their data centre facilities, but KVM's use is evolving even further than that...

New AdderView DDX30 digital KVM matrix
ISE Daily - February 2016

High performance keyboard, video and mouse specialist, Adder Technology, is focusing on the benefits of IP in the command and control and pro AV markets...

Access and control starts with right KVM
Asia Pacific Broadcasting - February 2016

Part of running an efficient workflow is having access and control. With the right keyboard, video and mouse solution in place, tasks can run smoothly. Buit how can broadcasters make sure they are...

Adder to showcase fully redundant KVM and power solutions
AV Magazine - January 2016

The highlight of the Adder stand will be a demonstration of a fully redundant, instantly reconfigurable and lossless KVM infrastructure for command and control...

The latest KVM for command and control
Broadcast and Film - January 2016

At the show will be Adder's fully redundant, reconfigurable and lossless KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) infrastructure for command and control. The matrix solution for the...


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