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Published Articles

We are often asked to provide comment and opinion to industry publications. Sometimes this is in the form of views on an important issue, and sometimes it is a story about Adder, our products and our customers. In this section you will find a selection of published articles covering a variety of subject areas.
Commercial Integrator
Commercial Integrator - September 2016

Audio over IP is as trendy as Versace’s fall line, and increasingly the integration market is diversifying to deliver audio, video and KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) over IP to provide organizations of all types with a state-of-the-art means to control their computers and their functions from remote locations.

Sono Vision - September 2016

Sur le stand IBC d'Adder Technology, spécialiste des solutions KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) de pointe, les visiteurs ont pu découvrir plusieurs nouveautés conçues spécialement pour une utilisation dans les workflows audiovisuels.

Broadcast Pro ME
Broadcast Pro Middle East - September 2016

Included in the line up from Adder Technology at IBC this year are a number of new product releases, specifically developed for use throughout the broadcast workflow, from studio and gallery control to post-production and outside broadcast. The new AdderLink XDIP...

TM Broadcast
TM Broadcast - September 2016

Adder Technology will be demonstrating the power and performance of IP-based KVM and it's benefits for the broadcast market on stand at IBC 2016.

Film TV Video - August 2016

Im Broadcast-Bereich wird IP bereits im Netzwerkbetrieb genutzt, um Signale zwischen Gebäuden zu übermitteln. Aus der Sicht von Adder hat sich IP-Technologie aber auch beim Umschalten und bei Erweiterungen über die Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM)-Technologie bewährt.

der Flugleiter
der Flugleiter - August 2016

Ist IP die Zukunft des Luftverkehrskontrollraums? In der Luftfahrtindustrie gab es viele Höhen und Tiefen. Aber eines ist konstant – und das ist das stetige Wachstum der Branche.  Jedes Jahr steigt die Nachfrage nach Flü- gen, Sitzen, Startbahnen und sogar Flughäfen.

Signal Magazine: Air Gapping
Signal - August 2016

Air Gapping is a security measure that isolates a computer or network so it cannot be accessed or hacked by an external entity. It's a useful technique that adds...

The Broadcast Bridge
The Broadcast Bridge - August 2016

At IBC 2016, Adder Technology plans to demonstrate the performance, power, and benefits that IP-based KVM can bring to the broadcast market. Adder Technology's lineup includes a number of recent product releases that have been developed specifically for use within the broadcast workflow.


IP, KVM and the Benefits for Broadcast
TV Technology - July 2016

As the adoption of IP across broadcast workflows continues and broadcasters realize its value, there are areas within the studio environment—outside broadcast and post production—where it has already made its mark.

Adder to show developments in IP-based KVM at IBC 2016
InAVate - July 2016

Adder Technology, the IP-based KVM specialist, will be demonstrating the performance of IP-based KVM and it's benefits for broadcast at IBC 2016...


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