Service Level Agreement: Questions and Answers

If you have a question relating to our Service Level Agreements which you feel is not answered below, please feel free to contact us directly.



Will you come to site?


Who pays for shipping?

Yes, both the business and enterprise SLA’s include cover for site visits to fault find and repair. Site visits commonly occur after the process of telephone and remote access fail to solve a problem. Site visits are at our discretion.


The cost of shipping is shared. The customer will pay to ship items to us, and we will pay to ship items back.


Who will come to site?


What if no fault is found with a returned unit?

Adder will send a fully Adder approved & trained field engineer to your location.


Items which do not demonstrate any fault after careful testing by Adder may be subject to a nominal test charge.


How long does an express repair take?


How quickly can I reach an engineer?

Adders express repair service will dispatch your product within 5 working days of receipt. Our standard repair service aims to do this within 20 working days. Shipping is outside of these time scales as it depends upon location and the geo-political environment.


Our business SLA guarantees that you can reach an engineer within 2 hours, while the Enterprise SLA guarantees access within 2 hour. These are the outside limits for SLA calls, and our engineers will aim to respond much faster.


How do I log a support call?


How does remote connect work?

Once you have purchased your SLA, you will be given a direct support number. This is different to any published telephone number and helps to assure that you will get through as soon as possible.


Remote connect may be done in a few ways, and we are always happy to work with our customers to fit in with an organisations individual processes and policies. In general terms, we will look to assist users by connecting directly with the equipment in question via an IP network. Where this is not possible, we may ask for access via a remote viewing application such as Team Viewer.


How quickly can I get a replacement product via ‘Advance Replacement’?


Will I receive free software upgrades?

Our Advance replacement service will ship a new unit to your location in the unlikely event that a product is deemed to be unrecoverable. We will ship this within 1 working day of fault confirmation.


Yes. All our SLA customers are eligible to receive free software/firmware upgrades for the life of the agreement. We often release additional functionality and compatibility updates for our products, and for certain products, these may be a cost upgrade. Under your SLA, you will receive notification of an update alongside instructions to access it.


How long will service level agreements be available for from date of purchase?


Are SLA’s tied to individual products?

Our SLA’s will be made available to purchase at any time within the first 4 years of a products ownership. This means you can decide after your initial purchase whether you want this service at any point within the first 4 years.


Yes. A service level agreement is made between Adder and our customer against a single device. Each device registered under the SLA will be recorded by Adder using a number of unique identifiers linking back to the unit serial number.


How do I pay?


Payment will be requested on an annual basis for the life of your service level agreement. Should payment not be received, we will need to cancel support for the remaining cover period. You may re-instate your cover, but this will incur an additional fee


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