About Adventiq

Adventiq is a Research and Development division of the Adder Group. Adventiq’s highly experienced chip team developed the ARQ3, a high performance integrated KVM-over-IP microchip that takes KVM-over-IP to a new level of performance, stability, and integration.

Adventiq's technology has its roots in research originally carried out at the AT&T Laboratories in Cambridge, England, where VNC technology was developed. This later resulted in the formation of the company RealVNC which continues to develop and support this very successful means of remote controlling a computer running the VNC Server software.

The ARQ3 chip is integrated into the ADDERLink Digital ipeps to provide inherently secure, transparent and robust remote systems administration, without the need for any additional software to run on the target computer.

For more information, product downloads or whitepapers, please email info@adder.com.