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A control suite which transforms ADDERLink INFINITY extenders into a digital matrix solution
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Part of the ADDERLink® INFINITY® range, the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager enables the user to centrally coordinate and manage the ADDERLink INFINITY transmitter and receiver units, and facilitate remote user access to host computers. Using the A.I.M., an administrator can configure user access rights, gather a full audit trail all through an intuitive, multilingual user interface.


Product Benefits

In-built security measures: uses TLS and HTTPS, and is compliant with universal enterprise grade security standards

User-friendly, multilingual interface: users have personal logins and can choose channel connections and presets, whilst the admin can set connection modes and permissions

Adaptable to suit your needs: delivers uncompressed digital video with audio, and option to compress video to minimize bandwidth usage over copper or fiber

IP-based: standard IP protocols, ensuring maximum compatibility with your existing IT infrastructure, and making it possible to route any user station attached to network without compromising video quality or control

Simplified, centralized management: the dashboard can be accessed through a web browser, and gives a real time overview of system connections and users

Our Expertise

With over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing connectivity solutions for a global audience, Adder Technology is a thought leader in the field, continually striving to deliver excellence through innovation and bringing peace of mind to mission critical applications. Together with a global network of resellers and distributors, we solve challenges in a range of industries including Audio Visual, Broadcast, Control Room / Data Center, Transport, Financial, Medical and Government, Security & Services sectors through a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements. Adder products are renowned for their technical excellence, reliable performance and robust manufacture and are complemented by comprehensive technical support and professional services.

Our Solutions

Adder IP-based, high performance KVM solutions bring absolute peace of mind to critical infrastructures. High bandwidth speeds and low latency enable real-time, accurate control and management of remote systems. Seamless integration with existing infrastructures and tailoring to specific needs means that previous investments are safeguarded and disruption to ongoing operations is minimized. Expansion of the operation, in terms of the number of workers or the size of the infrastructure, is made easy. Adder IP-based KVM solutions utilize standard networking protocols for total flexibility.

Adder Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) extenders allow USB, video and audio signals to be distributed from the computer, whether this means to the next room, building or to an overseas location. Computing resources are kept within a secure location and system users are able to work in an ergonomically optimised and more flexible environment, away from excessive noise, dust or heat.

Adder KVM switches enable users to access and manage multiple computers from one or more location, using just one keyboard, mouse or controller. A smart switching system with visual LED positioning information improves ergonomics through a reduction in user station complexity, increases efficiency and reduces risk.

Combining some of the Adder products provides you with a high performance KVM matrix. This enables a range of operators access to a range of computing resources. Specific user permissions enable the correct users to have the relevant level of access to the correct computer resources.

Associated products

ADDERLink INFINITY Dual (1119)
ADDERLink INFINITY 1002 (1189)
ADDERLink INFINITY Dual 2112T (1174)
ADDERLink INFINITY Dual 2020 (1191)

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Purchasing information

AIM-24-XX A.I.M. Manager licenced to 24 end points

XX = Mains Lead Country Code:

UK = United Kingdom

US = United States

EURO = Europe

AUS = Australia

JP = Japan

CN = China

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