Machines are separated from people for security, ergonomic or display purposes.  Options include longer extension distances, a choice of connection type and the added functionality of audio and RS232 where required. 

ADDERLink AV Range 
These analogue distribution extenders connect via VGA and offer extension for video, audio and RS232 across distances of up to 300m. Distribution to multiple screens is also an option in some models. Skew compensation is standard within the ALAV range, ensuring crystal clear color images regardless of cable length differences.

ADDERLink PV Range 
Where only analogue video is required, the ALPV range of extenders are the right choice with the key benefits of a small form factor dongle with the receiver unit powered either by the transmitter or USB powered.  Distribution to multiple screens is also an option in some models.

ADDERLink DV Range
The ADDERLink DV range of analogue extenders offer digital video extension and offer Proof of Display (POD), polling devices and saving information to show performance details.  Extension up to 50m is possible when using a CAT6 shielded cable or above and the dongle format is ideal for space saving and power efficiency.

Matrix systems using ADDERLink® DV extenders bring in the benefits of redundancy, where failover to an alternative computer is built in, as well as connecting to a range of source computers and multiple screens.

Key variants:
• DV104T: Remote diagnosis of system issues • DV120-DVI: DVI connection for video • DV100-HDMI: HDMI connection for simultaneous video and audio • DV100-HDMI: Distribution to multiple screens