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Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Numerous employees, often globally dispersed, require instant and simultaneous access to data
  • Adder high-performance KVM over IP solutions ensure that process management is seamless with accurate data shared securely and in real time

Increase ROI

  • Adder solutions support a wide variety of USB devices and functions across multiple networks, including integration with legacy systems
  • System design is future-proof with limitless flexibility to adapt and expand as required

Maximize Uptime

  • Users must be able to rely on instantaneous and reliable feedback from computer systems, pushing and pulling data to and from various systems 24/7
  • Primary access to data supported by multi-layer, KVM systems for maximized resilience


  • Regardless of their location, users should experience the same instantaneous access to different networks and servers
  • The same high resolution graphics are seen on the local as well as remote screens
  • Smart ergonomics optimize the layout of working environments with a single keyboard and mouse per user to access a range of computers and data displayed on multiple screens


  • From personal and corporate banking through to trading floor environments, data must be totally secure and systems must respond instantly
  • Access controls protect the security of data and the safety of performing certain tasks


  • Adder high performance IP KVM solutions utilize standard networking protocols for total flexibility
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High Performance IP KVM Solutions for Financial Services