ADDER Test Pattern Generator

Quick confidence testing for installers.


A test pattern generator suite for confidence testing during installation. Featuring Skew, Checkerboard, Ramp, Movement test, Vertical lines and RGB hue picker.

Product Features

The Adder test pattern generator can be used as a quick confidence test in the field. The application is very small and light weight so can be carried on a USB thumb drive. During installations engineers need a number of screens to test differing aspects of analogue video extension and ensure colour depth etc. The following patterns can be found in this application:

  • SKEW: Perfectly aligned Red, Green and Blue crosses help ensure RGB skew is adjusted correctly on screen. Prevents RGB colour ghosting
  • VERTICAL LINES: Alternating black and white vertical lines, each 1 pixel wide. Ideal when testing native screen resolution or ensuring sharpness.
  • RAMP: A grey scale ramp/vignette useful when looking at bit depth. Lower bit depth will generate grey vertical grey blocks across the screen.
  • MOVEMENT: The movement test is useful to ensure smooth video during setup. Four squares move around the screen. 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue and one black & white.
  • CHEQUER: Useful for analogue system installation to ensure good attenuation. Sharpness adjustment setting.
  • COLOUR: The colour picker allows you to slide RGB colour levels through 255 steps to test the physical condition of the panel during installation. Select 100% of each colour to locate dead/stuck pixels.


This confidence testing application is provided as is, and is intended for use only as a confidence tester. Adder does not warrant the accuracy of test patterns displayed.

Associated products

ADDERLink® AV100

The ADDERLink AV100T is an audiovisual extender delivering high video resolutions and superb quality audio up to 300m using standard CATx cable (x=5,5e,6,7).

ADDERLink® AV200

The new range of audio video extenders from ADDER deliver high resolution crystal clear video and CD quality digital stereo audio across installations up to 2000ft in width, or 1000ft point to point. With full RS232 support video display panels can be controlled and interrogated remotely, making the AV200 series the ideal professional Narrowcast Digital Signage solution.


The ADDERLink® LPV has been designed to deliver stunning results at a really attractive price, making it the perfect introduction to professional digital signage. 

The ADDERLink LPV digital signage extender is possibly the easiest to install point to point extender available today. In addition to its simplicity, the LPV also delivers fantastic video up to 150m away.

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Adder products are purchasable through our key technology partners. You can find a partners on our where to buy page.

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