ADDERLink X-Skew

DISCONTINUED - This product is no longer manufactured


This product is now discontinued, but details are still available in our 'Legacy Products' section for information only.

When transmitting video across CAT5e and CAT6 cable, sometimes the colours making up the image can become separated. ADDER's Skew compensation module uniquely enables the user to adjust the Red, Green and Blue Channels and compensate for cable length differences. Using simple dipswitches, users can configure the unit using the information provided from the reporting function on the X-Series KVM modules, or manually configure the unit using Red, Green, Blue and distance dipswitches.

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Product Features

Enables reliable transmission across the all twisted pair cables.

Removes colour separation introduced by some twisted pair cable. 

Easy configuration with simple dip switches. 

Compatible with all ADDERLink products. 

Compatible with all the latest twisted pair cable media.

Can be used at the local or remote end of the cable.

The X-SKEW may be neatly rack mounted in the X-series 19-inch rack mount chassis. 

Robust metal case ensures good shielding and video quality. 

19 inch rack mount kit available. 

Totally transparent to the user, so the X-series advanced feature set is fully functional. 

Once configured, the X-SKEW needs no further adjustment.

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