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Over the years computers have got more and more powerful, and are taking up less and less space. Until recently the same could not be said of display technology. The traditional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) style of monitor is basically the same as is used in your TV. This ensured that computer monitors often took up a quarter of your deskspace! Plus the system inherently suffers from at least some level of distortion. With the latest flatscreen technology, images are transferred digitally from a DVI enabled computer. The picture is made up from thousands of discrete pixels ensuring picture perfect, very high resolution image control.

The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is the new standard for this form of image transfer.

The ADDERView DVI is the world's first electronic KVM switch to allow full access to this exciting new technology. 

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Product Features

Digital quality for modern monitors

The arrival of modern digital flat-screen technology prompted a rethink of video interfaces. The resulting DVI interface, which is fully supported by the ADDERView DVI, enables the video picture to be transferred from the digital computer to the digital monitor without the inevitable loss of quality caused by unnecessary analogue conversions.

Reliable KVM switching without compromise

Exact pixel to pixel digital video transfer and maximum bandwidth support ensures that you will never have to compromise on video quality.You can sit back and enjoy high resolution razor sharp images on your flat screen display whilst effortlessly switching quickly and reliably between your computers using the mouse or keyboard. Fully electronic switching ensures that video performance will not degrade with use and Display Data Channel support enables optimal video driver configuration.

Innovative technology

The ADDERView DVI is the first electronic KVM switch of its type that enables high quality digital flat panel displays to be shared between several computers. It achieves this using innovative digital circuitry that is skillfully crafted to operate at the very high signalling speeds demanded by DVI video. The stylish ADDERView DVI provides the perfect accompaniment to your quality flat-panel display. 


AV2 DVI: Enables a keyboard, mouse and DVI monitor to control 2 computers.

AV4 DVI: Enables a keyboard, mouse and DVI monitor to control 4 computers.


Most connectors are rear mounted to ensure a neat installation and are colour coded according to the PC99 specification for easy identification. Keyboard and mouse ports use 6 pin mini-DIN female connectors. Video ports use standard 24-way DVI-D connectors. Options port is side mounted and uses 15-way standard D-type connector with proprietary pin allocation. DC power connector provided for video-only and other special applications where interface powering is not possible. 


Front panel key for computer selection.
Numerical display shows selected computer and keyboard/mouse activity.
Optional remote controller connects to side.
Base-mounted reset and option switches.

Computer Selection

Computers may be selected using the front panel key, keyboard hotkeys, a three-button mouse or wheel mouse, RS232 data commands or the optional remote controller. The hotkeys are selectable and are designed to be quick-fire using a minimum number of key presses. The mouse may be used to select the next or previous computer by holding down the centre button whilst pressing the left or right button. Both keyboard hotkey and mouse switching may be independently disabled if required. When cycling through channels using the mouse or the hotkeys the user may configure the ADDERView to select all ports or just the ports that have powered PCs attached. RS232 switching is useful for automated operation and the remote controller provides a convenient control method without locating the ADDERView on the desk. 

Operation mode / cascadability

The keyboard, mouse and video are switched together so that the keyboard and mouse are controlling the computer whose video is currently displayed on the monitor. Non-selected ports emulate the action of the keyboard and mouse so that the computer operates normally. The ADDERView DVI may be used to control more than 4 computers by connecting a computer port of one unit to the control port of another unit in a tree-like cascade. 

Mixed analogue / digital video and multi-head video operation

For applications that require mixed analogue / digital operation or multiple video head switching, the ADDERView DVI may be used to synchronously switch other ADDERView DVIs or  ADDERView GEMs. Refer to the manual for full details 

Other Features

The ADDERView provides a wide range of useful features including:

  • User selectable password protection.
  • Autoscan of all or active ports with selectable dwell times.
  • Screen saver feature with selectable "kick in" time.
  • User selectable keyboard hotkey combinations.
  • Video may be disabled (channel zero selection).
  • Ability to cycle between computers using hotkeys plus TAB.


Keyboard ports

Automatic mode emulation and NUM / CAPS / SCROLL updates ensures that the keyboard is always in the expected state. Modes 1,2 and 3 are supported for full compatibility. Keyboard data is kept in its native format to ensure support for additional web control, hot media and other extra keys. 

Mouse ports

The controlling PS/2 style mouse plugs directly into the ADDERView. 2 and 3 button formats are supported. Most wheel and scroll mice are supported including the Microsoft IntelliMouse and IntelliMouse Explorer. PS/2 or RS232 mouse connections to computers may be made in any combination. RS232 mice require an additional cabling adaptor (VSA1). Prompt and stream mode support ensures maximum compatibility. 3 button mice or wheel mice may optionally be used to switch the ADDERView's channel. 

DVI video ports

Two or four single-link DVI ports operating up to 165MHz the full DVI Specification, VESA DDC2B signalling supported. ADDERView extends DVI video cable runs by boosting the video signal.


Flash upgradeable to support new devices by connecting a computer's serial port to the options port and running a download program. 

Software and hardware compatibility

Software independent operation ensures very wide compatibility that includes Windows 3.X, WFWG, 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, DOS, Unix, Linux, NetWare, OS/2 and BSD. Hardware compatible with desktop and laptop PCs, RS6000, SGI and DEC Alphas. 

Optional remote controller

Plugs into the options port at the side of the ADDERView. Duplicates the ADDERView's front panel key and numerical display. May be attached to the top of a keyboard or the side of a monitor by the Velcro strips provided. 60 x 29 x 12 mm. White / cream finish.  


For maximum convenience the ADDERView draws its power from the attached computers like a keyboard. Optional power socket provided for video only applications. Interface ports individually fused with auto resettable fuses to protect your computers. 


Attractive metal case 230 x 50 x 170 mm with moulded plastic fascia panel. Video circuit gold plated to enhance performance. 1.2 kgs. 


Complies with European directive 89/336/EEC. CE marked. FCC class A compliant. 


RC1: Optional remote control unit. 
AVDVIPSU: Optional power adaptor.  
VSA1: Serial mouse adaptor. 


ADDERView to keyboard, mouse and monitors - 2m if interface powered or 5m if PSU used. 
ADDERView to computers - 5m if interface powered. When a PSU is used the keyboard and mouse connections may be run at up to 10 metres to and from the ADDERView.
It may also be possible to run DVI video at this distance, particularly if the higher resolutions are not used, although this cannot be guaranteed. Full range of high performance cables available.

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