ADDERView Omega 

DISCONTINUED - This product is no longer manufactured


This product is now discontinued, but details are still available in our 'Legacy Products' section for information only.

The highly functional and stylish ADDERView Omega is a dual-port cross-platform system that connects two PS/2 and/or USB machines. The switch features flash upgradeable firmware to allow for future upgrades to functionality and is compatible with PC, Apple and Sun systems.

Designed for easy set-up and operation, the selected system can be accessed by three button mouse, keyboard hotkey switching or the Omega button. The Omega needs no additional power supply, and comes equipped with all required cables.

With 400 MHz bandwidth capability, the Omega delivers excellent display quality by supporting high video resolutions and fast refresh rates, whilst advanced features such as audio and microphone switching make the Omega ideal for multimedia applications.

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ADDERView Omega

Product Features

Two port KVM switch supporting keyboard, monitor, mouse, stereo speakers and microphone 

Everything you need - all cables included 

Switch computers by 3 button/wheel mouse, keyboard hotkey or Omega button 

Flash upgradeable firmware for both PS/2 and USB 

Very high video quality with 400MHz system support 

Keyboard, video and mouse can be switched together or separately from audio 

Channel indicators show selected port and data activity 

Reliable interface powered operation 

Excellent audio quality for both stereo speakers and microphone 


CPU connectors 

2 x 15 way HD D female for CPU video (DDC/blue)
2 x 6 way mini DIN female for CPU keyboard (violet)
2 x 6 way mini DIN female for CPU mouse (green)
2 x 3.5mm stereo jack socket for connection to audio
2 x 3.5mm jack socket for connection to microphone 

Control connectors 

1 x 6 way mini DIN female for shared keyboard (violet)
1 x 6 way mini DIN female for shared mouse (green)
1 x 3.5mm stereo jack socket for connection to PC speakers
1 x 3.5mm jack socket for connection of microphone 

Keyboard port

Supports AT and PS/2 keyboards automatically. PS/2 keyboards plug in directly and keyboards with AT style 5 pin DIN plugs require an adaptor. Automatic, mode emulation ensures that the keyboard is correctly programmed to the state expected by the CPU whenever the channel is changed. Type 1, 2 and 3 keyboards are supported. 

Mouse port

A PS/2 type Logitech or Microsoft compatible mouse is required to control the switch. Use of a 3 button mouse also allows channel switching. Many internet wheel/scroll mice including Scrollpoint and Explorer are also supported. Prompt and stream modes supported for maximum portable and desktop mouse compatibility. 


2 x Tri Bonded keyboard, video monitor and mouse cables 2 mtr
2 x Dual Bonded stereo & mono audio 3.5mm jack to jack cables 2 mtr
2 x PS/2 Female to USB type A adapters 


  • Connections to the computer may be PS/2, USB or both mixed 
  • High video quality Screen - resolution of up to 1900 x 1440 supported. 
  • Switching by Omega button, keyboard hotkey or 3 button/wheel mouse 
  • Channel indicators show selected port and data activity 
  • Flash upgradeable via the PS/2 keyboard connection - both PS/2 and USB processors are upgradeable 
  • USB connections achieved by simply plugging a cabling adapter onto the end of a standard PS/2 style keyboard cable 
  • Extremely high video quality with DDC support (400MHz) 
  • Excellent audio quality for both speakers and microphone 
  • Keyboard, video or mouse may be switched separately or together with the audio signals, either by the mouse or keyboard hotkey control 
  • New mouse hot plug feature enables the user to disconnect the controlling mouse and plug in a new mouse without performing any reset or initialisation process 
  • Controlling keyboard and mouse power-down reset feature and computer mouse re-initialisation functions 
  • Configurable hotkeys, configurable mouse switching, screen blanking feature, user selectable password security and firmware version reporting 
  • Compatible with PCs, laptops, RS6000, Alpha, SGI, Mac(USB) and Sun(USB) 
  • Supports prompt and stream mode mouse implementations, laptop Y cables and docking stations - mode 1,2 and 3 keyboards supported 
  • Supports MS Intellimouse and MS Intellimouse Explorer in addition to almost all 2 button, 3 button, wheel, optical and ball mice 
  • Supports Windows native, Microsoft and Logitech mouse drivers and most other compatible drivers 
  • Compatible with Windows 3.X, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, ME, DOS, Unix, Linux, OS/2, Novell, BSD and all other major software 
  • Special software support ensures compatibility with Linux Mandrake, Linux Suse, HP Vectra computers and IBM ThinkPads 
  • Omega may be cascaded from Adder OSD switches and controlled via OSD 

USB 'phantom key' detection and suppression 

Supports USB keyboard boot-protocol modes as well as enhanced operational modes 


Dimensions L x W x H 155mm x 130mm x 30mm 


210 gms  

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