ADDERView® Secure AVS 1124 - Multi-Viewer

Secure multi-viewer switch for sharing KVM, plus analog audio between four computers spanning multiple security classification levels.

The ADDERView® Secure multi-viewer switch is designed to give operators managing mission-critical systems, simultaneous real-time access of up to four computers from a single KVM workstation. Users can instantly take control of the target PC by simply moving the mouse between windows.

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Adder has a track record spanning four decades in delivering IP KVM solutions that enable our customers' businesses to run mission-critical applications.

Our market-leading products are used in a wide variety of industries and in markets spanning the globe. Follow the link below to learn more about how we empower business success in our selection of case studies and client stories.

Not only did Adder’s solutions help reduce project investment, while achieving higher performance, they also played a pivotal part in simplifying and rationalising the technology – so putting a defining stamp on the project.

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