Adder’s Enterprise IP-based KVM matrix solution, the ADDERLink™ INFINITY, allows every console to have access to multiple computers. Enabling people with people, machines with machines.

Formed of several extenders and switches, a matrix system separates users from computers. With the ADDERLink INFINITY, distance is not an obstacle; they can be located in separate rooms, buildings, campuses or cities, making it well suited to the needs of medium to large enterprises.

  • Unlimited distance between users and computers
  • A secure system
  • Proven reliability
  • Proven increase in R.O.I. across industries


Part of the ADDERLink™ INFINITY range, the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (AIM) enables the user to centrally coordinate and manage the transmitter and receiver units, and facilitate remote user access to host computers. Using the AIM, an administrator can configure user access rights, gather a full audit trail all through an intuitive, multilingual user interface.


The ADDERLink™ INFINITY 100T (ALIF100T) is a Zero U™, high performance IP KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) transmitter that enables the use of standard IT infrastructure to extend computers away from the user environment.


Part of the ADDERLink® INFINITY® range, the ADDERLink INFINITY Dual 2020 is a high performance KVM solution that enables you to isolate critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment.


Part of the ADDERLink® INFINITY® range, the ADDERLink INFINITY Dual is a high performance KVM solution that enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment, isolated from the user work station.

Why IP? 

IP-based High-Performance KVM solutions

Our IP-based products conform to standard protocols, ensuring maximum compatibility with existing IT infrastructure.

ADDERLink INFINITY can grow as your business grows. Our high-performance KVM solutions are easy to expand, and provide flexibility and scalability to suit your needs.

Security is built in to ADDERLink INFINITY. Certified with TLS, HTTPs, LDAP, and RFID, our solutions comply with universal security standards.

ADDERLink INFINITY is a resilient solution: it is built to minimizes risks and ensure that data availability and power consistency are constantly maintained.

Adder Technology's proprietary video codec suite delivers the best picture available, with pixel perfect video and the option to compress video to optimise network bandwidth.

ADDERLink INFINITY provides new levels of flexibility in the distribution of high performance computing power.

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Features and Benefits

The ADDERLink INFINITY range is designed to optimise your IT infrastructure and facilitate its deployment, with a focus on user experience. Paired with the INFINITY Manager (AIM), users can intuitively manage their channel connections through the interactive On Screen Display and set channels and presets. Our products in this range comply with international Enterprise management system standards, guaranteeing operational and financial efficiency.

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Empower your Workforce

User: • High video performance • Flexible peripheral • Easy to use interface • Fast speed of switching


The ADDERLink INFINITY range is trusted by thousands of organizations around the globe. The introduction of the ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series means expanding a KVM matrix to include dual-head 4K could not be easier.