SmartShare Bdi Switch

DISCONTINUED - This product is no longer manufactured

SmartShare Bdi Switch


This product is now discontinued, but details are still available in our 'Legacy Products' section for information only.

SmartShare is a new generation of high performance peripheral sharer that supports bi-directional (BDI) interface ports. It enables you to access the latest bi-directional features available on modern printers and to automatically share other parallel devices such as tape drives, CD-ROMs, SCSI convertors and EPROM programmers.

A number of models are available in the SmartShare range allowing up to 6 PCs to share either of 2 peripherals. On dual output models, peripheral selection can be made from software or front panel control key. 

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Product Features

Bi-directional parallel ports for interactive communication 

Advanced features for sharing external drives 

Dual output models available 

Exceptionally fast data speeds exceeding 500,000 CPS (characters per second) 

Two single output models available. BDi2 allows 2 PCs to share 1 peripheral, BDi4 allows 4 PCs to share 1 peripheral 

Three dual output models available. BDi22 allows either of 2 PCs to access either output, model 42 allows up to 4 PCs to access either output and model 62 allows up to 6 PCs to access either output 

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