Firmware release A.I.M/ALIF V4.8 - What You Need to Know 

The ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (A.I.M.) transforms the ADDERLink INFINITY range of extenders into a centrally coordinated and controlled matrix system. The A.I.M. gives the administrator the ability to manage both the transmitter and receiver, but also to configure access rights and gather a full audit trail through an intuitive, multilingual user interface.  

We are giving the A.I.M. even more functionality – introducing update 4.8. 

Support for local feed through at the receiver  

Have you found yourself needing to switch to your user PC, which is prohibited from the main network, using KVM? Or maybe you want to offer your operators the flexibility to access emails without compromising security?  

In many installations, the users sitting at a station where KVM is used also have a personal PC that they would like to view. Many companies operate a strict security policy prohibiting the “user PCs” from sitting on the production network – and therefore adding it to the KVM network is not an option.  

Thus far, there has only been one solution, and that is to have a desktop KVM switch to shift between the two systems. This can lead to complex and costly configurations and an overcrowded working environment.  

Until now…. 

The recent firmware update from Adder means that a local PC can be connected to an ALIF receiver using the ALIF100T or ALIF1002T in a point to point fashion. This allows the operator to move the PC away from the desk and still have remote access to the network using a selection of hotkeys. 

Added support for ChyronHego specialist keyboard 

The latest 4.8 update adds support for the ChyronHego INTELLICOMMANDER™ Keyboard for Lyric, the advanced solution for graphic creation and play out. This update allows the keyboard to be connected directly to the ADDERLink INFINITY receiver units, reducing the complexity of installation and the associated costs.  

As with all updates, we strive to improve support for USB devices and this one is no different. Users can expect to see additional support for more USB smartcard readers and biometric devices whilst still benefitting from Adder’s USB true emulation software; which allows fast switching times and support for a wide range of USB devices from mice, keyboards, touch screens, joysticks, colour calibration devices, graphics tablets and more. 

We have also added support for 21:9 ratio monitors running at 3440x1440 resolution. 


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