The Growing Need for Flexibility in the Control Room

The control room could be viewed as the central nervous system of a mission critical operation; relying on millions of data points to provide operators with the situational awareness required to make important decisions.  

Whilst the amount of data generated increases exponentially, time and collaboration remain critical factors when decision making in the control room.  

From receiving data and information from a variety of sources, to analysing it and making mission critical decisions, any delay, be it minutes or mere seconds, has the potential to negatively impact operations. As such, it is vital that data is presented accurately and in real time. 

Video walls play a heavy part in the modern control room by allowing staff full visibility of critical data; however, operators continue to rely heavily on their desktop displays to understand and interact with their own control and management systems. When each console is connected to the KVM network, operators can connect, collaborate and share their content with multiple users whilst still managing their individual duties. By using Adder’s Command and Control Switch with FreeFlow Technology, multiple users connected to the same computer can be controlled seamlessly.  

With a high-performance IP KVM solution, operator workflows are no longer confined to one control room and can be available from any other location - meaning control room facilities can exist across multiple sites, improving operational flexibility and disaster recovery. IT maintenance becomes significantly easier as operators can switch to failover systems, allowing engineers accessibility to computers without disruption.  

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