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Controlling the workflow with IP-based KVM Article: Controlling the workflow with IP-based KVM

The constant evolution of the workplace demands results at a faster pace than ever before. The ability to share ideas, communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently has never been more important. Adder’s high performance IP-based KVM technology is allowing companies to make the most efficient use of their time and staff, allowing environments such as broadcast control rooms to be operated from one main hub, rather than several separate stations.

The KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) technology uses IP to connect machines together, effectively turning one machine into a portal through which several others may be controlled.

This opens up a world of possibilities. Being able to control a set of machines from one screen, even if they’re in another room or building, allows working environments to be less cluttered and operated by fewer staff.

John Halksworth, Senior Product Manager at Adder Technology discusses the future of the broadcast control room and the role that high performance IP-based KVM will play – read the full TVB Europe article here.