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Adder announce revolutionary AdderLink 'ipeps'


Story posted: Mar 15, 2007, 09:00

Adder announce revolutionary ADDERLink ‘ipeps’ (IP engine per server) units, for complete, secure, non-blocking computer management

Cambridge, UK, 15 March 2007 – Adder, the leading developer of local, remote and global computer control solutions has announced its new ADDERLink ipeps range of ‘IP engine per server’ KVM-via-IP products at CeBIT 2007.The ADDERLink ipeps enables computer access and control from anywhere in the world, securely and remotely via the Internet or corporate network, using RealVNC client software that is specially designed for high performance KVM-via-IP applications.The ADDERLink ipeps is a powerful and flexible solution that uses Adventiq on-chip KVM-via-IP technology to deliver extremely high performance from a palm-sized unit.This ‘IP engine per server’ (ipeps) architecture enables maximum system availability through minimising user contention, leading to optimum server management, flexibility, up time and productivity.Richard Cawdery, Adder’s Product Manager comments; “ipeps describes the coming trend in remote system management where typical systems of single or cascaded analogue KVM switches (some with added KVM-via-IP capability) are improved by implementing a completely distributed approach.”“The ADDERLink ipeps reflects Adder’s vision for the future of computer management. Embracing the IP engine per server approach creates a virtual KVM switch that spans an organisaton’s entire global network.”As an enterprise KVM solution the ipeps is a non-blocking global solution that can be enhanced using enterprise management software for central and secure user access management.Additionally, the ipeps small size makes it ideal for remote management and control of dispersed stand alone computers such ATMs and digital signage play out devices.


Adder anticipates products will be available through distribution partners Q3 2007.

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