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Adder Corporation Announces AdderLink ipeps at Interop

New Adder ipeps Utilizes Adventiq Chip for

Ultra-High Performance and Low Power Usage

Newburyport, MA., May 22, 2007 – Adder, today announced the availability of ADDERLink ipeps, a high performance KVM over IP solution.  The ADDERLinkipeps (IP Engine per Server) delivers a complete, secure, non-blocking approach to computer management.Contained within a palm sized unit, the ADDERLinkipeps enables companies to have computer access from anywhere in the world, securely and remotely via the internet or corporate network.  Despite its small size, there is no compromise in the performance of the ADDERLinkipeps. By using Adventiq Inside ® on-chip KVM-via-IP technology, ADDERLinkipeps is contained in a compact unit that requires no additional power other than that provided by the PS/2 or USB keyboard and interface. This allows businesses to rack mount the unit without burdening existing power resources.ADDERLinkipeps provides a non-blocking global solution by providing each computer with a dedicated KVM-via-IP engine.  This can be enhanced by using the ADDER.NET enterprise management software that provides centralized and secure management allowing users to connect to any device with a single click of the mouse.“Coupled with our remote server management system, ADDERLinkipeps gives HBOS a comprehensive tool that allows our servers and computers in one data center to be completely and securely serviced remotely.  Adders KVM-via-IP technology has already saved our organizations many tens of thousands by ensuring higher uptime,” said Barrie Goldthorpe, Hardware Data Center Manager at HBOS Plc.In addition to superior IP performance, the device also employs a number of security features designed to ensure complete and total security.  Using enterprise grade security (AES 128 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication) as standard, ADDERLinkipeps is further enhanced by the use of RealVNC that allows for the creation of ciphered user communications.  In addition, up to 16 user profiles can be created with defined user access rights.  The addition of RealVNC also gives users enhanced video performance that enhances clarity and eliminate latency that often occurred when performing heavy bandwidth applications over IP.  In designing ADDERLinkipeps, Adder recognized that companies are doing more remotely including file transfers.  The ADDERLinkipeps has been engineered to act as a conduit through which data can be passed.  Files can be transferred via IP onto the ADDERLinkipeps and onto the target computer by means of a USB virtual media port.     “The ADDERLinkipeps is a revolutionary new product in the KVM-via-IP space that will forever change the way system administrators manage their network,” said Richard Cawdery Adder’s Product Manager.  “It has never been easier for system administrators to conduct remote management anytime, anywhere.  The ADDERLinkipeps is truly a ground breaking technology.” About Adder
Adder is a leading developer of KVM technology and extenders. Adder’s advanced range of KVM switch, extender and IP solutions enable the control of local, remote and global IT systems. The company distributes its products in more than 60 countries through a network of distributors, resellers and OEMs, with its headquarters and primary manufacturing facility in Cambridge, UK. Adder also has regional offices in the United States, the Netherlands, and Singapore.


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Adder is a leading developer and thought leader in connectivity solutions. Adder's media networks, extenders and keyboard, mouse and video switch solutions enable the control and distribution of IT systems around the world. The company distributes its products in more than 60 countries through a network of distributors, resellers and OEMs. Adder has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, China and Singapore.