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Adder delivers advanced Multimedia Extenders to the $1 billion Digital Signage marketplace


Story posted: Dec 21, 2005, 11:24

Adder Technology today launched the ADDERLink AV Series of extenders, enabling retailers, government agencies, and marketers to stream and manage superior quality multimedia content to multiple displays over long distances. This allows organisations to install cost-effective flat panel displays in public areas, such as shops or front offices, while controlling and transmitting high quality content from a computer located safely in a back office.

Previously displays have been plagued by poor quality video and audio, as typified by many current market offerings. The drop in cost of flat panel displays has led to increasing usage as a marketing tool, with the global market for sales of indoor and outdoor dynamic displays estimated to rise to from $550 million in 2003 to $1.5 billion in 2008. This represents a phenomenal growth of 300 per cent. (Source: iSuppli/Stanford Resources, a Santa Clara, Calif., market research firm).

The ADDERLink AV Series addresses video and audio quality issues by using a single CATx cable: It delivers superior quality video by implementing high compensation/circuit equipment and, at the top of the range, has an integrated state-of-the-art 300 MHZ DeSkew to compensate for colour skew effects. It also provides dual video and audio outputs at the receiver, enabling the operator to run two videos back to back. This is further supported by full CD quality sound.

Visit our site for the full specification of ADDERLink AV Series “The falling cost of flat panel displays has made it economically viable for outlets to use digital signage, opening up a whole new customer interaction channel, but to date the quality of products available has been poor,” said Adrian Dickens, CEO of Adder Technology.

“Using the latest technology available, Adder has developed an advanced product that delivers exceptional video and audio enabling organisations to deliver their message impressively as well providing a manageable, scalable solution.”

The AV Series is comprised of four interchangeable units, designed to fit together as logical building blocks that deliver on the promise of a flexible solution that can be tailored to meet growing requirements. Both the local and remote units may be rack mounted in the ADDERLink AV Series rack mount chassis. The chassis enable 16 units to be mounted in 3U of 19-inch rack space. The units can be rack mounted using an optional rack mount faceplate.


The ADDERLink AV Series is available with pricing beginning at $450.00. See details of local resellers.

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