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Adder Delivers Professional Digital Signage For The Masses

Adder's expertise in professional digital signage delivers new low cost range designed for the independent glass front retailer.

CAMBRIDGE, UK and Amsterdam, NL - Jan 29th, 2010: Adder, the experts in connectivity solutions will showcase the new ADDERLink LPV150 at Integrated Systems Europe - ISE, (Hall 3, Stand 3C117) on February 2nd - 4th in Amsterdam.

Adder Technology have been treading the digital signage path since the mid 1990s. The experience they have gained over the last 15 years now opens the door to independent retailers to deliver digital signage solutions at a fraction of the cost of others.

The ADDERLink LPV is a new range of "Line Powered Video" extenders allowing users to install customer focused multi touch marketing campaigns in their own stores. The product has been designed to deliver full HD 1080p content to your screen, and extend across distances of up to 150m.

"There has always been an element of confusion in digital signage, often generated by technology providers keen to elevate the performance and utility perception of their products to the professional integration market." commented Simon Clew, Sales Director for Adder. Clew continued - "Years of talking with retailers large and small has revealed a significant proportion of the retail sector simply does not have the funding to utilise such integration specialists, but they would still benefit from the obvious advantages digital signage has to offer. As such, we set about developing a fit and forget signage solution that really is a breeze to install and get going."

The ADDERLink LPV takes its power directly from your computer's USB port and uses that same power to drive the product right up to your screen through low cost CAT5 cable. CAT5 cable is the same cable you use to connect computer networks together. Clew commented - "The interesting thing is, many retailers already have the equipment necessary to deliver in store signage, the ADDERLink LPV simply allows them to connect it all together." The ADDERLink LPV could be thought of as a very long distance 150m video cable. This allows you to connect screens throughout the store back to the device which generates the content, more often than not, a standard computer.

ADDERLink LPV delivers the same fantastic video quality professional users expect from Adder, whilst simplifying the installation process so that a novice user can have their system up and running in minutes.

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