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Adder Delivers a Step Change in Dual Link and Dual Head Workflows with Infinity dual

IBC2011, Booth 7.B33 ‐ 25 August 2011: Adder Technology, the specialist in KVM connectivity, has extended its unique Infinity range with AdderLink Infinity dual, supporting dual link DVI for even greater resolution and capacity. Infinity allows a computer and its operator to be separated by almost any distance without any loss in capabilities, reduction in video resolution, quality or USB latency.

The AdderLink Infinity dual interfaces USB peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse or graphics tablet, together with DVI for the video display, over a standard layer 3 gigabit ethernet network, on copper or fibre. A network will support a large number of computers and workstations, allowing one user to switch freely between computers, to move with the same screen experience between locations, or even co‐locate the same device.

The critical factor which makes this a highly successful broadcast application is the spatially lossless, colour perfect and lightning fast video performance. Wherever the monitor is on the network, it will appear precisely as it would if it were plugged into the back of the processor. Even while retaining pixel perfect performance, latency is less than 3ms, so imperceptible in practice.

The new version, to be launched at IBC2011, is the AdderLink Infinity dual. This provides dual link DVI, allowing it to support very large screens such as the popular Apple Cinema Display, or dual monitor set‐ups. Infinity and Infinity dual interfaces can share the same network for maximum flexibility.

“It is clear there is a great appetite in broadcast applications for the Infinity platform,” said John Halksworth, senior product manager at Adder. “Users really appreciate the flexibility of being able to work on the same material on the same computer from any location, or to hand a screen layout from the newsroom to the studio, or simply keep the computer’s fan noise away from quiet areas.

“Users told us that they needed to be able to use big high resolution screens, or multimonitor set‐ups, so we developed the dual link DVI version, Infinity dual,” he added. “We already know that this is going to be a very popular launch, because we have users queuing up to buy it.”

The AdderLink Infinity dual system can be seen alongside the rest of Adder Technology’s KVM technologies at IBC2011 (Amsterdam, 9 ‐ 13 September 2011) on stand 7.B33.

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