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Adder to Demonstrate Command and Control Technologies at ATC Global

Cambridge, UK, 1 March 2012: Adder Technology, the User Interface (U.I.) Anywhere specialist, will demonstrate how its solutions can revolutionise air traffic control at the industry’s premier business event, ATC Global 2012 exhibition and conference, which runs 6-8 March at the Amsterdam RAI.

The command and control solution enables tower extension and switching through a combination of four key Adder products: AdderLink Infinity; AdderLink Infinity Dual; A.I.M.; and CCS4USB.

AdderLink Infinity and AdderLink Infinity Dual enable the creation of a flexible infrastructure, allowing a computer and its operator to be separated by almost any distance without any loss in capabilities, reduction in video resolution, quality or USB latency. These units can be linked via A.I.M. (AdderLink Infinity Manager) to make their use more efficient by allowing central control over any number of channels or transmitters and receivers. Using the intuitive A.I.M. web-based interface, one or more administrators can manage potentially thousands of users who are interacting with an almost unlimited number of devices.

Furthermore, the integration of KVM over IP into the AdderLink Infinity system means that the output of an AdderLink Infinity Dual can be viewed and interacted with in real time from anywhere in the world. This provides the potential to offer additional support to smaller airfields, or in military command to view the output of an airbase in theatre from another country.

The CCS4USB is a breakthrough in command and control switching, delivering USB 2.0, audio, FreeFlow and ‘USB True Emulation’ technology, allowing the user to work across up to four computers and screens as though they were a single interface. This capability is particularly useful to the ATC industry where controllers have to analyse and act upon information from a variety of sources simultaneously.

“Our solution offers great advantages in modern air traffic control,” says Adder’s Sales Director, Simon Clew. “Firstly, it enables the computer hard drives and servers to be kept in a secure and controlled environment away from where the controllers are operating to save on space, reduce heat and limit noise. This helps to create better working conditions to allow controllers to more fully focus on the job at hand with minimal distractions.

Secondly, our robust solution enables controllers to access their computer from any monitor they wish, meaning that in the event of a controller not being able to handle what is going on at their station a colleague or supervisor will be able to step in from where they are sitting. Likewise the system enables a seamless failover, a capability that can never be under estimated in an air traffic control situation.”

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