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Adder Launch DVI & USB Extension for Professional Users

AdderLink X-DVI PRO featuring transparent USB and DVI.

CAMBRIDGE, UK - April 11, 2011 - Adder, the experts in connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of the AdderLink X-DVI PRO. Following on from the original AdderLink X-DVI, the X-DVI PRO extender features transparent USB and full bandwidth DVI over a single cable. X-DVI PRO is the second generation DVI extender delivering greater distance, improved USB and faster setup.

The X-DVI PRO is ideal for users that require superior, no compromise video quality. Adder's PRO range is a specific set of devices designed for use in professional digital environments. Industries such as medical imaging, broadcasting, digital signage, graphic design, drafting and animation need to be confident that what is shown on screen is exactly what the workstation intends. The only real way to achieve this is via a digital medium such as DVI. The AdderLink X-DVI PRO will support the extension of full speed transparent USB together with no compromise DVI over distances up to 200ft.

The X-DVI achieves full frequency clock rate for single link DVI connections which means you can extend any resolution within the single link DVI range. As an example, resolutions of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz can be achieved without the need to reduce data, frequency or colour depth in any way. Delivering full speed USB as a transparent data connection means the X-DVI PRO also supports isochronous devices such as web cams or USB headsets. Setup is now much faster with the inclusion of automatic cable equalisation which determines the cable characteristic and adjusts the signal to deliver perfect results each time.

A true plug and play solution, the AdderLink X-DVI PRO feeds extended profile DDC EDID information from the screen so that the video card is always set up perfectly. X-DVI PRO can also be interface powered at the computer, avoiding the need for additional power sockets and reducing cable clutter. For video only applications, an optional power supply can also be purchased.

Suitable for PC, Mac and Sun computers, the AdderLink X-DVI PRO is available through local distribution partners around the world. For more information, visit

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