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Adder Launch Miniaturised AV Transmitter

AdderLink AV Delivers Professional AV Extension With Miniaturized Transmitter Technology to Reduce Space and Clutter.

Adder, the experts in connectivity solutions today unveil the latest generation of miniaturized AV transmitters to work alongside the hugely successful AdderLink AV 100 Series. Launching at InfoComm 2011 in booth 4249 on June 15 - 17 in Orlando, Florida, the AdderLink AV102T (ALAV102T) is available worldwide.

The AdderLink AV100 series has been a mainstay of professional AV installations for many years, appearing in a wide range of industries including retail, transport, digital out of home (DOOH) and public exhibitions. The addition of the ALAV102T to the range further enhances the systems already flexible nature.

The ALAV102T has been designed to transmit audio and video content to two separate receivers, each of which can drive two back-to-back screens. Delivering pin sharp images using the AV100 series ensures that the system owner's investment in content production is not wasted, and what the viewer sees is exactly what the owner intended. Combined with crystal clear CD quality audio, ALAV102T produces an immersive media experience up to 300 metres (1000ft) away.

Using the built in RS232 interface, the ALAV102T can be controlled to switch transmission paths on and off, enabling you to manage screen content remotely, helping the user to save power and reduce screen hours, further enhancing return on investment.

The ALAV102T is the first of Adders AV transmitter range to feature its new AV-KVM port. This flexible port arrangement enables either an AV receiver or CATx KVM switch or receiver to be connected to each of the two CATx ports. This enables playout servers to be managed easily from a KVM over IP switch whilst also delivering content to remote screens.

Physically, the ALAV102T is much smaller than current AV100 series transmitters, allowing the unit to be neatly located. Because all the connectivity required is built in to the unit, cable clutter is reduced dramatically. The product has two power options; it can be powered by the host computers USB port, or driven using an external USB power adapter - available as an option.

The AdderLink AV102T is available worldwide today. For more information, visit AV100 series

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