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Adder Technology and Evosite partner to deliver integrated Control Room Solutions

Adder Technology

New York, June 10, 2015: Adder Technology, the industry leader in high performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) products, today announced a partnership with Evosite to deliver integrated control room solutions. Through this partnership, Evosite will deliver customized end-to-end control room solutions to meet the evolving needs of the process control, pipeline and air traffic control markets throughout North America.

For 30 years Adder has delivered IP-based high performance KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) solutions for mission critical applications like control room environments. During that time, control rooms have grown from simple monitoring stations into interactive hubs where associates in the field can send video feeds, photographs and data back to control rooms. Feeds are examined by individuals who will make important decisions, and they can also be shared with remotely located, external users.

"Integrating Adder’s connectivity solutions with our control room operator consoles will not only meet customer expectations today but will deliver infrastructure that can support the future needs of the business," said Liz Mitchel, Evosite general manager. "Our scalable high performance operator consoles combined with the flexibility and scalability of Adder’s KVM connectivity solutions will improve integration of equipment in the control room while minimizing clutter on the desktop and reducing the number of keyboards required to manage resources.”

“We are pleased to be working with a highly focused partner like Evosite as they integrate their control room operator consoles with Adder’s products throughout North America,” said Tim Conway, vice president, Adder Corp. “Our new AdderLink Infinity solution is a natural fit for the control room environment providing seamless switching between computers from one mouse and with a new set of features including redundant power and an ergonomic low profile design.


About Evosite

Founded in 2003, Evosite delivers intelligent, control room furniture targeted for the Power, Process Control, Pipeline and Air Traffic Control Centers markets where aesthetics and human factors are essential elements of the design. For more information, visit


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