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Adder Technology offers critical assurance across product range with launch of enhanced warranties and SLA service

Adder Technology

Cambridge, United Kingdom 21 February 2017: Adder Technology, the IP-based, high performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) specialist, has announced the launch of its Professional Services department. Adder will deliver a suite of services that reduce installation times, increase user adoption and remove a customer’s potential exposure to risk during the product lifecycle. The Professional Services department offers a range of enhanced product warranties, tailored service level agreements and user training programs, ideal for organizations that operate 24/7/365.

“This is an exciting time for Adder Technology as we make our new range of support options available to all our customers” says Ben Brand-Cotti, professional services manager, Adder Technology.  “We design products for 24/7 operations and now also offer added assurance that guided installation, support agreements and user training will provide. This delivers our customers with the resilience and business continuity that their critical applications require. These range of services augment our high quality hardware and software products with tailored support services designed to meet a customer’s individual needs. The Adder tradition has always been one of engineering excellence and to manufacture products that last. These new services further demonstrate the confidence we have in all of our solutions.”

The company has developed and added this high quality focused service following a period of growth that has included significant projects demanding very large scale system infrastructure. “Our AdderLink Infinity product line has been widely adopted because it offers a highly resilient IP-based, KVM solution for large scale infrastructures. Customers recognize that systems utilizing standardized IP infrastructure are the best option as they look to mitigate all possible points of failure. These new services deliver an additional layer of confidence made possible by our expertise and long heritage in IP-based, high performance KVM solutions” says Adrian Dickens, CEO Adder Technology.

Enhanced warranties, SLAs and training are available to both existing and new customers. Visit the Professional Services section of the Adder website or contact Adder Technology for more information and to find out how to tailor this service to you.

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Adder is a leading developer and thought leader in connectivity solutions. Adder's media networks, extenders and keyboard, mouse and video switch solutions enable the control and distribution of IT systems around the world. The company distributes its products in more than 60 countries through a network of distributors, resellers and OEMs. Adder has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, China and Singapore.