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Adder's digital KVM range expands with DisplayPort Technology

CAMBRIDGE, UK – November 11th, 2011: Adder introduces DisplayPort connectivity across its professional and IP KVM range.

Adder, a leading developer of KVM switches, extenders and KVM over IP solutions, today announced the AV4PRO-DP and CATX-DP. AdderView PRO is a range of professional grade keyboard, video mouse and audio (KVMA) switches that enables users to share a high resolution screen and USB peripherals between multiple computers. Computer access modules allow a range of interface options to connect to Adders CATx and CATxIP range of KVM switches and extender products.

Designed for the professional user, the AV4PRO-DP is the first Adder KVM switch to feature DisplayPort video. DisplayPort has seen rapid adoption by the computer industry, appearing across the Apple, Dell, Lenovo and HP product ranges. DisplayPort interfaces carry not only video data, but also digital audio. The Adder implementation further features dual-mode DisplayPort which also supports DVI and HDMI devices.

The AV4PRO-DP features the same USB True Emulation technology seen in the DVI range. "With USB True Emulation technology, a whole new group of users can take advantage of the flexibility KVM switches have to offer," said Nigel Dickens, Engineering Director of Adder. "Users in architecture, graphic design, post production and animation, for example, who often need to use specialized interface devices such as graphics tablets, 3D explorers, joysticks, and so on.”

As well as delivering an intelligently conceived and functional KVM switch, Adder has included a uniquely flexible independent switching mode. This allows a user to take different elements of functionality from each connected computer. For example, the user could use the video, keyboard and mouse function from one computer whilst taking the audio from another. At the same time, the AV4PRO-DP allows any of the connected computers to make use of the two additional USB ports, which could be connected to a printer or scanner, for example.

Natural applications for the device - which, beyond enormous flexibility, delivers absolute signal quality - include medical imaging, broadcast and command and control environments. The AV4PRO-DP is ideal for operators in these industries, who often need to switch between visually intensive systems while making use of common interface elements. The AV4PRO-DP's ability to handle resolutions up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz or 8.64Gb/s) ensures the user can make the most of every picture detail with total confidence.

Alongside the AV4PRO-DP, Adder are also releasing the DisplayPort Computer Access Module (CAM), which enables the CATx and CATxIP range of switches together with the AdderLink X200 extender to connect directly to a dual-mode DisplayPort interface. Adder’s CATx and CATxIP KVM over IP switches have been industry favourites for several years thanks to their extreme reliability, usability and competitive cost per port performance. Available in both full size and mini DisplayPort form, the all new CATX-DP computer access module is perfect for Apple computer environments.

The AdderView AV4PRO-DP and CATX-DP computer access module are available to order worldwide. For more information, visit

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