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IP-based KVM transmitter set to accelerate IP migration in Asian markets

Adder Technology, the IP-based, high performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) specialist, has launched a new Zero U, IP-based ADDERLink INFINITY 100T (ALIF100T) – and is predicting significant interest from the Asian broadcast market where rack space is often at a premium.

“In Asia, the benefits of IP are well understood, yet migration is often hampered through lack of space,” says Loki Ong, Adder VP sales for APAC. “With news that Japan will broadcast the 2020 Olympics in 8k, Asia is really waking up to the industry’s need for change, and we are very excited to see the market’s reaction to this radical new product.”

The world’s smallest high performance KVM transmitter, the ALIF100T, forms part of the ADDERLink Infinity solution. It can be easily retrofitted into any existing infrastructure without the need for recabling, moving computers or changing racking – reducing the overall cost of migrating from analogue to digital. It can be plugged straight into the back of any computer like a dongle, taking up Zero U of rack space. Highly scalable, it also enables broadcasters to grow their system over time without needing to accommodate KVM transmitters in new rack space.

The benefits also translate directly to OB trucks as the dongle’s ‘small form factor’ is ideal for mobile trucks which have even less space internally than larger data centres. The ALIF100T also allows broadcasters to link its OB units together to create a streamlined workspace from just one source.   

Loki continues: “This new product will be especially attractive to those looking to upgrade or update their current KVM systems with the ADDERLink Infinity range but are hindered by the space issues or the cost of redesigning their current infrastructure.

“Retrofitting high performance KVM into environments designed around legacy, outdated equipment is challenging and expensive, sometimes requiring a complete redesign including recabling. However, with the new transmitter, businesses can easily and cost effectively take advantage of the ADDERLink Infinity solution without this costly step,” he adds.

In addition, the ALIF100T uses only 2 watts, which ensures less heat is generated and less cooling is required, therefore bringing down costs substantially. The device can also be powered directly from USB, meaning there is no need for power distribution units (PDUs) – saving on further costs and negating the need for additional space.

The new ADDERLink transmitter adds to the company’s existing product range, and works with the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (AIM) and ADDERLink INFINITY receivers.

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