Adder Does the Double in 'The Manufacturer Top 100 Awards’

Adder Does the Double in 'The Manufacturer Top 100 Awards’

Adder has made the coveted Manufacturer Top 100 List for the second year running, and this time with not one, but two, of its manufacturing team. Designed to represent everything inspiring about UK manufacturing, the awards acknowledge individuals who have made a significant impact in the manufacturing industry while carving the way for a successful future in the businesses they represent.

Included on this year’s list are Adder’s lean manufacturing manager, Stuart Mitchell, and production engineering manager, Barry Cathrall, who have both been recognized for their ongoing efforts to evolve and grow Adder’s manufacturing division.

Following a long and successful career in UK manufacturing, Stuart joined Adder 18 months ago to head up its lean manufacturing program. Since his arrival, Stuart has completely transformed the mindset of the production team, set up a lean projects environment, implemented a progressive 6S system and managed Adder’s self-funded training scheme through the apprenticeship levy. His dynamic approach to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, combined with a passion to inspire young members of the team, has all contributed to him being recognized as a leader in Driving Cultural Change.

Barry has been part of the Adder family for over 12 years and is a key figure in its manufacturing operation. During his tenure, Barry has gathered and shared invaluable experience that has allowed him to revolutionize Adder’s manufacturing design process, and coach his team to excel in their individual roles. He has been instrumental in bringing modern manufacturing methods to Adder, which have all contributed towards the business’ shift to become a lean manufacturer. Barry’s passion for learning and coaching younger members of the team, along with his advocacy of UK manufacturing, have led to him being recognized in the Unsung Hero category.

Curt Boon, head of production at Adder, said, “It is fantastic to see both Barry and Stuart recognized on the exclusive 2020 Manufacturer Top 100 List. Both have been instrumental in our shift to evolve our manufacturing processes, and they continue to positively influence the wider team! It’s a privilege to have them both on board!”

Congratulations to both Stuart and Barry from the team at Adder!

Here is a little more about Stuart and Barry.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

S: Learn as much as you can while you are young. Listen and observe people with real interest and be prepared to ask questions and understand. Push yourself more, aim higher and don’t doubt your own abilities.

B: Listen and learn from the people around you as they will invest in you, so you can do better. Become a human sponge and soak up all the knowledge.

What is your favorite engineered/manufactured product?

S: Cars! Simple as that really! I’m amazed at all the materials and components that come together to create such incredible and versatile machines - around 30,000 I believe.

B: My trusty Samsung S9 Plus! The diversity that the Samsung phone offers is amazing - from being a camera, to then taking calls and messages, and then to delivering access to millions of apps is quite incredible!

If you weren't in manufacturing what would be your dream job?

S: I would have loved to be a professional goalkeeper for a major club…I must admit I love football!

B: I would love to be able to listen to music with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake - so probably having a high-end audio lounge which also sells coffee and cakes! But I would have to watch out how many cakes I eat 😊!


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