Adder Sales Lead Receives Industry Accolade

Adder Sales Lead Receives Industry Accolade

When it comes to award winning, Adder Technology doesn't stop with products and commercial success (See below). Now its' employees are being recognized for their significant contribution to the industry.

We're truly proud to announce that our VP EMEA sales, Jamie Adkin, has been recognized in the ‘Inavate EMEA 40 under 40 : Class of 2020’. A program that focuses on AV professionals that are considered to be shaping, leading and often disrupting the industry. It’s fantastic to see one of our very own in the list of winners.

We got a chance to sit down with Jamie and hear first hand his reaction to the news and some insight into what he's doing differently to earn this industry accolade.

Ed: "So, you're now a member of the prestigious 40 under 40 club Jamie, what do you think about this exciting news?"

Jamie: "I'm stunned and very proud to be honest, it was a complete surprise to get the heads up. It's really motivating to receive this news, especially at a time when everyone is coping with a global crisis."

Ed: "This is a very prestigious list and we know from talking to the team at Inavate EMEA that the criteria for this award are pretty tough. How do you think you have contributed to Adder's growth, innovation, or profitability?"

Jamie: "Well, firstly, it's important to recognize the wider team at Adder - that's critical to our success. In terms of projects I've been involved in, I spearheaded the roll out of our new global CRM platform in 2019, which has been followed up this year by the introduction of a new Adder Partner Portal. The CRM platform provides us with new ways to engage customers and partners and has become the basis for alignment between Sales and Marketing which continues to strengthen as the teams grow. This summer we also introduced a new channel model across EMEA that places partners at the center of our growth strategy."

Ed: "These are no mean feats Jamie, and we're sure they will help drive the business forward. Now, let's get a bit more personal. What is the biggest challenge that you've had to overcome so far in your professional career?"

Jamie: "That's a tough one! I like to see all challenges as learning opportunities, and there's always plenty of those every day. However, there are two main challenges I knew I had to overcome to progress anywhere in this industry.

The first is working in such a technically led business and industry without any formal technical education under my belt. I made it my immediate purpose to understand every Adder product inside and out so that I can bring value to the customer, my partners and my colleagues. It's important to recognize though that I’m not afraid to say when I don’t know the answer. As a buyer I’m always frustrated when a sales person hasn’t done their homework but even more so when they try to cover it up.

The second challenge was the transition from individual contributor to management and leadership roles. No matter how much positive feedback you get from staff or colleagues, I’ve always strived to do more and to do it better. When you are leading a team, the changes you want to implement require a lot of stars to align so it’s important to bring every one of the team along for the journey. I always try to have empathy for everyone’s needs and create an environment where people are keen to experiment and try out new ideas. It’s naturally slower to make those bigger changes but the impact we have as a team now far outweigh anything one individual could achieve. "

Ed: "Great insight Jamie. It seems that what you're doing is really working. Some essential advice to anyone looking to break into the AV industry. Is there anything else you would offer as a top tip to any young entrepreneurs out there?"

Jamie: "Yes, there is something I'd offer to the readers. At 20, my CEO at the time told me that my progress in his team would be directly linked to the solutions I brought to the table when I presented him with problems. It has shaped the way I’ve engaged with my managers over the past fifteen years and how I’ve hired people into my own team. The colleagues and customers I love working with most are those who seek out the solutions and don’t get stuck or flustered by the problem itself."

Ed: "Thanks Jamie, really appreciate your time, and best of luck for the future. For those who are interested in find more about Adder and what we do, please visit the website at"

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