Collaborating for Cutting-Edge Broadcast Solutions: Our Technology Partners

Collaborating for Cutting-Edge Broadcast Solutions: Our Technology Partners

Our technology partners play a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating our high performance IP KVM solutions whether a broadcast studio, a live control room environment, or something entirely different. They are on hand to offer valuable insights and expertise, enabling our products to collectively deliver optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

LundHalsey – Elevating Control Room Environments

We are excited to continue one of our longest-standing technology partnerships with LundHalsey. Their market-leading consoles are designed and manufactured in the UK, providing innovative and modern control rooms. With a strategic approach to development, their ergonomic designs are tailored to support mission-critical operations across various sectors, including broadcast. We got to try out their latest console, the new x-TYPE, with our ADDERLink® INFINITY Range, seamlessly integrating for secure switching between unlimited physical and virtual machines.

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EIZO – Unmatched Visual Experience

Featuring HDR gamma support, USB Type-C connectivity and a built-in calibration sensor, the ColorEdge CG2700X is one of the flagship models for the latest generation of ColorEdge color management monitors. Our partnership with Eizo has gone one step further and the ADDERLink® INFINITY 4001 has been validated to interoperate with EIZO ColorEdge CG2700X color critical monitor following thorough testing conducted by EIZO Limited.

Experience enhanced productivity and comfort with our high performance IP KVM, where ergonomic design and reliability take center stage. Pairing it with Eizo’s FlexScan EV2781 unlocks a superior working experience, boasting cutting-edge connectivity and Power Delivery features. Combine this setup with Adder’s ADDERLink® INFINITY Range and LundHalsey’s high-functioning consoles for a versatile, multi-purpose workstation that excels in every aspect of the control room.

Designed to cater to the demands of color grading professionals, this exceptional pairing of technology delivers impressive capabilities. Find out more: Elevating Your Color Grading Capability - A Visual Revolution in True 4K

See our collaboration at IBC 2024.

Tangent – Compact Design With No Compromise

The latest technology partner to collaborate with us is Tangent. Their Wave2 provides a comprehensive range of controls and is an all-in-one control surface designed for precision and portability, perfect in broadcast environments. It fits seamlessly the LundHalsey console and features clear OLED displays for easy operation of multiple functions. Its trackerballs and knobs boast high-resolution optical pickups for responsiveness and durability, supporting the fast switching functionality of the ADDERLink® INFINITY 4001, the visual experience of the ColorEdge CG2700X, as well as the application software used during post-production.

Our longstanding partnerships with industry leaders like LundHalsey, EIZO, and Tangent are pivotal in ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance across various control room environments. LundHalsey's cutting-edge consoles, EIZO's unmatched visual experience, and Tangent's compact yet powerful control panels exemplify our commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our high performance IP KVM technology at the core, coupled with these exceptional partnerships, we continue to elevate control room environments.

Find Adder on stand B55 at MPTS 2024.

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