Dealing with Information Overload in the Bridge

Dealing with Information Overload in the Bridge

As news broke earlier today that AI tech projects are to get funding to help warship crews tackle ‘information overload’, Jamie Adkin, our VP EMEA, has given us his lowdown on the IT challenges faced by ship crews and how IP KVM can help overcome them.  

Jamie commented, “To meet the next generation of operational challenges and growing quantities of data, public secure environments need to catch up. The £1 million in funding for AI research to combat operators’ data overload is an encouraging sign.

Control rooms are becoming more multifunctional, with more data types being routed into them and more technologies being integrated. This is particularly true in space-limited locations such as warships. Choosing an IT infrastructure such as IP KVM, which is space-efficient and allows machines to be located away from the bridge, is key to providing secure and ergonomic conditions.

Added complexity places greater demands on operators, increasing stress, fatigue and mental load. So, more must be done to ensure operators have ergonomic workstations and intuitive user interfaces from which they can readily access all relevant information. As cyber threats become smarter, often using AI as a force multiplier to overwhelm systems, it’s important that the power of AI is harnessed for defense too.“

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