How Control Room Operators Rely on IP KVM During a Pandemic

How Control Room Operators Rely on IP KVM During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised challenges for many businesses around the world. For many, the simple fact that workforces have been driven to work remotely and not in a centralized office location, has posed major uplifts in existing IT strategies. When a remote working culture may not have even been considered prior to March 2020, it has had to be scoped, budgeted, and implemented in a matter of months for organizations to continue day-to-day operations.

However, for control room operators managing mission-critical applications, different obstacles have had to be overcome. Control room operators need to maintain a bird's eye view of what is happening around them. Not only do they rely on a multitude of screens in front of them, each one giving real-time status information and updates, but also a central video wall to facilitate collaboration and visualization.

With social distancing now common practice, and more people being forced to work remotely, it is essential that operators can still access this critical information in real-time, without any delay, degradation of quality or security risk. IP KVM extenders are allowing operators to work at greater distances in the control room, IP KVM matrix solutions are allowing teams to run with smaller workforces and remote access IP KVM technology is supporting staff working from home.

High performance IP KVM afford organizations with mission-critical operations new or improved ways of working when staff are not able to be physically present in the control room. Unlike the plethora of software solutions on the market, KVM provides access to computers without exposing the computer to the public internet and without installing software.

So, if you are a data center manager looking to access, manage and control physical or virtual servers from any location, or a production plant operator needing to view your manufacturing line from a safe and secure location, then look no further. IP KVM is here to give you reliable, instant and real-time access to your essential PCs, whenever and wherever you need it.

To discover more about the advantages of IP KVM, and discover how it could help support your business through this challenging time, download Adder’s latest white paper, Future-Proof Connectivity


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