Improve Situational Awareness in your Military Control Room

Improve Situational Awareness in your Military Control Room

The amount of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data being collected by Military and Defense organizations is increasing, and the need to analyze and deliver this mission-critical information to decision-makers is of the utmost importance.

Adder, the global expert in connectivity and high performance IP KVM, designs and develops market-leading network solutions that give Military personnel secure, reliable and real-time access to highly sensitive data and video content; enabling them to make faster and better-informed decisions in mission-critical situations.

Defense and intelligence operations are under increasing levels of threat from both outside and inside sources, and as a result, they require the highest levels of physical and digital security to protect sensitive data. Many conventional AV and IT systems fail to provide the necessary levels of protection to mitigate these threats and therefore military and federal agencies are looking for alternate resolutions.

The adoption of high performance IP KVM solutions allows resources to be consolidated into a secure server room, creating a physical air gap between the user and data, which in turn mitigates both internal and external threats. Removing the physical access to computers minimizes the risks posed by access to network ports, hard drives and USB ports whilst the ability to assign user access controls ensures that data cannot be reached by unauthorized personnel.

Operating over a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) framework, Adder’s IP KVM solutions enhance collaboration and improve situational awareness by allowing authorized users to instantly display any source of data in a collaborative or secure environment. With fast switching technology, administrators have real-time access to different data sources without any compromise to latency or video quality.

As the scope of missions change, and team sizes adjust to respond accordingly, the technology and resources that have been deployed must be able to adapt. With the adoption of IP KVM solutions, military organizations can quickly and easily reconfigure control rooms to meet the demands of the mission or flex and expand their systems to allow for wider sharing and access functionality.

Requiring 24/7 reliability and resiliency in some of the toughest conditions, IP KVM solutions deployed by the military must be able to provide round the clock functionality. Adder’s solutions ensure full redundancy to meet these requirements and provide remote back-up in the event of a system failure to ensure maximum operational uptime.

With high performance IP KVM solutions from Adder, military and federal agencies can rest assured that their sensitive data can be securely collected, managed, analyzed and shared in real-time, without any risks to security, accuracy or quality.

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