It's official! TV shipments hit 8-year high!

It's official! TV shipments hit 8-year high!

Most of us love watching the TV, whether it is the next award-winning box set, a thrilling sporting event or a good action movie, so it’s no real surprise to hear that analysts have reported that “worldwide TV shipment growth saw the strongest growth rate this decade in 2018” (CSI Magazine, 2019)

A few years back, viewing TV in 4K was an aspiration for many of us, however as technology has developed and huge investments into South East Asian production have been made, 4K has become the new standard.

But 4K technology is fruitless if you don’t have the content to feed it, right?

Content creators across the globe are under more pressure than ever to provide high quality, engaging footage at 4K resolution, but to do this they need real-time, pixel-perfect access to a multitude of 4K-capable resources across their facility or campus.

Bring in the ADDERLink™ INFINITY 4000 Series.

Perfectly timed to support state of the art post-production houses or live event venues during the 4K phenomenon, the world’s first dual-head 4K IP KVM matrix over a single fiber helps content creators move to 4K KVM as and when they need it.

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