The Key to Reliability and Resilience in the Modern Day Enterprise

The Key to Reliability and Resilience in the Modern Day Enterprise

Enterprises must be both agile and resilient to succeed. They continually review and invest in advanced IT infrastructures to improve business processes, in a fast and reliable manner, without compromising critical attributes such as availability, performance, and maintainability.

Despite most organizations striving to achieve a high level of reliability, resilience and security, many of their IT systems remain complex, with one, or more, potential points of failure. If triggered, these points of failure can take down an entire system – from a single computer to a company-wide network – resulting in catastrophic effects for business.

High performance IP KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) technology enables organizations to mitigate and minimize these risks by ensuring that data availability and power are constantly maintained. By relocating critical computers to a separate and centrally managed server room, which in turn creates a physical separation from the user workstation, downtime can be reduced by allowing hardware faults to be resolved without disrupting operations.

In mission-critical scenarios, where resilience and reliability are vital, an IP KVM system can be built with full network redundancy by balancing the data load across two independent networks. Thus, in the unlikely event of a network switch failure (or, perhaps more likely, the accidental severing of a cable), businesses are less likely to experience a reduction in service.

IP KVM can also help to minimize, or sometimes completely eliminate, user disruption when maintenance is required, upgrades are installed or components are swapped. By minimizing single points of failure through system-wide redundancy mechanisms, from cables to power supplies, organizations can improve reliability and reduce downtime.

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