KVM and Multi-Stream Transport (MST) in Perfect Harmony with Adder Technology

KVM and Multi-Stream Transport (MST) in Perfect Harmony with Adder Technology

Following the launch of the ADDERLink™ XD600 series, Adder is excited to announce a new addition to its range of KVM extenders - introducing the ADDERLink XD612.

Designed to support those working from single or dual-screen workstations in modern control room environments, the XD612 extends HD video and enables users to take real-time control of their critical PCs and applications housed securely in remote or rarely accessed locations.

The XD612 combines dual-head KVM extension with support for MST functionality and local feed through connectivity to deliver a true ‘at the PC’ experience. By plugging in the extender, which operates with either a fiber or copper connection, and running through some simple configuration, users can get real-time access to full HD video, on single or dual monitors, from a remote location.

What is MST?

As the world adopts smaller devices, it is increasingly difficult to find devices with alternative ports like VGA, DVI, HDMI and computer cables. As a result, the Video Electronics Standards Association developed MST technology to facilitate the extension of desktops across various screens using a single DisplayPort™ cable.

In a nutshell, MST allows multiple independent displays to be driven from a single DisplayPort source device. The displays can either be connected to the source device via an MST hub, or to each other in a daisy-chain configuration using a single DisplayPort cable to link them. By daisy-chaining the displays, users can extend content across all monitors which delivers advantages across a variety of applications.

How do KVM and MST work together?

Well, by combining a KVM extender with MST, users can benefit from uncluttered simplicity, better visualize critical data in a more cost-effective way and achieve ultimate flexibility at the desktop.

Martin Norman, senior product manager at Adder, commented, “The ADDERLink XD612 is the perfect addition to Adder’s range of MST KVM extenders, and means we can offer a solution to meet almost every customer requirement. Whether they are looking for a purpose-built extender that delivers single or dual-head 4K/60 video, or a solution that simplifies extension to operate up to quad-head HD/60 using MST, the ADDERLink XD600 series has something for all.”

The introduction of the ADDERLink XD612 enhances the ADDERLink XD600 series of KVM extenders which also includes:

  • ADDERLink XD614 KVM Extender: a state-of-the-art quad-head KVM extender utilizing inbuilt DisplayPort™ MST technology and full HD resolution support to deliver maximum flexibility and control.
  • ADDERLink XD641 KVM Extender: a powerful single-head KVM extender designed to deliver 4K/60 KVM extension over a copper or fiber link.
  • ADDERLink XD642 KVM Extender: an innovative dual-head 4K/60 KVM extender with emulated full and hi-speed USB2.0 and support for multiple audio types.

All models are now available through Adder’s global network of distributors and resellers.

For more information about the ADDERLink XD600 Series, please visit www.adder.com/en/ADDERLinkXD600Series



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