Making Immersive Virtual Theatre a Reality

Making Immersive Virtual Theatre a Reality

Theatrical productions are employing technology more than ever before, but this extends beyond the use of cutting edge lighting and sound effects. Today, emerging technologies are enabling theaters to reach audiences outside of their physical space through livestreaming performances in Virtual Reality (VR). Whilst this technology is most widely associated with video game developers, VR is becoming much more prevalent in theater productions, allowing audiences to engage on previously unexplored levels by blending real and virtual worlds.

A new interactive VR experience in London combines theater and technological innovation to transport visitors back to the Victorian era in a newly created reality. Based on the science fiction story “The War of the Worlds”, the production uses a mixture of live, virtual and holographic characters and immersive environments to help transport the classic tale of Maritan invasion into the theatrical realm.

But how is this all achieved?

Throughout the experience, audience members are led through a variety of different environments, fully immersed in the story and theatrical experience using VR headsets. Each VR headset is controlled remotely from a separate control room in order to minimize physical access for troubleshooting and maintenance throughout the production. The management of these sources is achieved using a flexible and scalable high performance IP KVM solution.

Since its release, the ADDERLink™ XDIP IP KVM matrix solution has seen continual success in theater installations across the globe, and is now helping to make immersive theater a reality.

Read our latest Customer Success Story to find out how the XDIP solution is used by video projection specialist, Mesmer, in the latest VR experience.



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