The Power of KVM in the Control Room - Part One

The Power of KVM in the Control Room - Part One

Control rooms are often mission-critical environments where a physical location or distributed service is monitored and controlled by trained operators. Often functioning around the clock, with rigorous standards and targets, control rooms and their staff can help save resources and even lives.

Ensuring that these high-pressure and time-constrained environments are efficient and productive relies largely upon the layout, design and the way in which the technology is deployed.

At Adder, we believe that the operator should be provided with a clean and simple work-space that gives them flexibility in a reliable and resilient manner. With this in mind, we’ve developed market-leading solutions that allow customers to seamlessly access multiple systems, across multiple displays, with a single keyboard and mouse. Not only does this maximize and optimize the operator’s working space, but our silent receivers also provide instant access to any KVM connected computer on the network. As such, noisy, heat-generating computers can move to a climate-controlled, secure server room prolonging the life of critical equipment and helping to create a working environment more conducive to making critical decisions.

Watch our animation to find out how the adoption of high-performance IP KVM solutions can lead to an ergonomic and secure control room or get in touch now.

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