The real star of the show!

The real star of the show!

The excitement of live theatre is palpable.

You've taken your seats; the lights have dimmed; the curtains are about to open…

Whether it is the first note of Broadway’s hottest musical or the opening line of the West End’s latest drama, there is always a guaranteed buzz of excitement before the action begins.

Hollywood blockbusters hit our screens on a weekly basis, but there is still a mesmerizing sparkle about the drama unfolding right in front of your eyes.

The live orchestra, the smell of ageing wood coming from the stalls and the spectacular sets and costumes all form part of an undeniably special experience.

Whilst the experience of theatre is somewhat traditional, and long may it remain that way, the technology driving it is quite the opposite. Turn your head to the back of the room, no longer will you see somebody tracking the performers behind a lighting rig, or manually lifting the curtain after each set - you will instead see a theatrical technician with the latest computing resources.

Some theatres are taking it one step further to enhance the viewing experience by incorporating innovative technology such as virtual reality into the performance. Whether it is using VR headsets to present entire sets of a play or broadcasting multi-lingual subtitles via a pair of VR glasses, technology is changing the way we see theatre.

So how is this all being achieved? Enter left of stage....high performance IP KVM.

Since its release, the ADDERLink™ XDIP IP KVM matrix solution has seen continual success in theatre installations across the globe. Not only does it meet the unrivalled levels of performance, quality and reliability that have become synonymous with the Adder brand, but it also provides exceptional levels of flexibility that ease configuration.

As a result, IP KVM really is becoming the leading star of the show.

Contributed by Chris Sudle, Sales Development Executive


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