Security in a Mission Critical Control Room

Security in a Mission Critical Control Room

The control room is an integral part of a mission critical business, but this level of dependency also makes it a prime target for cyber criminals.

The rising volume of cyber-attacks, and the growing media interest that surrounds them, is an international concern. The threat of cybercrime posed to any organization should encourage them to continually monitor, manage and adopt appropriate preventative measures - should they be targeted.

Businesses will implement security measures based on their individual requirements; whilst some might encourage employees to regularly change their passwords, others may adopt powerful firewalls to protect their systems. These measures will go a long way to help businesses protect themselves, however they are only the first steps in the race towards cyber-security compliance.

By taking a more comprehensive approach to cyber-security and considering the role of KVM solutions in their infrastructure, organizations can reduce the risk of an attack and dramatically minimize the impact should one occur.

Adder provides the perfect solution for a secure control room environment as it allows computers and network infrastructure to be stored in an access-controlled server room. With the capability to securely distribute the data across an IP KVM network in real time using on-screen displays, users can select computers and connection modes according to their access rights.

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