Solving Three Key Challenges with IP KVM

Recent conversations with system integrators have highlighted a number of core challenges that they are trying to solve with IP KVM.

Here are three of them.


We’ve spoken with lots of system integrators who have previously used AVoIP products with a basic USB connectivity bolted on. They are realising that IP KVM offers much more. More specifically, they are excited by the user experience, the management tools and the high performance connectivity that IP KVM delivers. That is all driven by the needs of our core customers who have the highest standards for security, safety, performance and reliability.

2. Pixel-Perfect vs. Visually Lossless

Most AVoIP solutions claim to be visually lossless. In reality, many drop frames and/or show visible artefacts when displaying static images, text or graphical tools. Customers are turning to IP KVM when image quality is critical. Our solutions use a proprietary codec that was created to deliver high-frame rates (up to 240fps), incredibly low latency and lossless video specifically for KVM. It’s validated by global leaders in medical imaging, radar and visual effects applications.

3. Combining the Physical and Virtual World

ADDERLink® INFINITY now supports connectivity to RDP, VNC, HTML5 and SSH sources, as well as our own hardware transmitters. With customers deploying IP KVM in corporate LAN and WAN environments, it is understandable that they want reassurance that their data and visual content is protected and secured. User access rights, encryption, and our NIAP protection profile 4.0 certificated products are perfectly placed to support.

If you are a system integrator with a similar challenge, or just looking for your next IP KVM solution, get in touch with one of our IP KVM experts.

Contributed by Jamie Adkin, VP EMEA

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