Is Your Control Room Ready for Disaster Recovery?

Is Your Control Room Ready for Disaster Recovery?

The global pandemic of 2020 was an unprecedented event. National lockdowns, international travel bans, and goods shortages all caused significant disruption to those affected. While the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently downgraded COVID-19, people and businesses are still picking up the pieces and recovering from the effects. This process may take many months, and in some cases years, however it is critical that people and businesses heed the lessons of the pandemic and plan to protect themselves in the future. This is true of all industry sectors, and across both enterprise and small businesses, but maybe none more so than in the mission-critical control room.

Until the arrival of comprehensive and secure remote connectivity solutions such as KVM, the control room had to be based around on-premise infrastructure. Today, the ability to create remote networks at scale allows the control room to quickly respond to changing industry demands (such as the enforced digitization and decentralization caused by the pandemic).

This has been strengthened by rapid acceleration in networking capabilities, faster broadband, and data feeds, as well as mobile-centric data capacities such as 4G (and increasingly-widespread 5G), which deliver increased bandwidth, improved connectivity, and ever decreasing latency. The adoption of connectivity solutions can help your control room adapt to change, but how can you ensure that you are prepared for disaster recovery?

KVM solutions have the added security of disaster recovery and business continuity set-ups, bringing a new level of resilience outside the four walls of the control room. In doing so, technology has reduced (or near eliminated) the risk of wholesale breakdown. Having a breadth of servers outside of a single premise and giving operators the ability to control and access them remotely, means that downtime due to fault or failure could be immediately mitigated by switching to a back-up operation. This can replicate the set-up of the primary operation, and therefore allow for the whole team to relocate without disruption.

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