21 December 2020

The KVM kit behind a Happy Christmas

Several years ago, the journalist Tom Chivers spent an admirable amount of time crunching the logistics behind Santa’s Christmas Eve (a note to any...

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16 December 2020

The Key to Reliability and Resilience in the Modern Day Enterprise

Enterprises must be both agile and resilient to succeed. They continually review and invest in advanced IT infrastructures to improve business...

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26 November 2020

Future-Proof Connectivity: VM Where? Combining KVM and Virtualization in the Modern Broadcast Center

This week's episode of Future-Proof Connectivity is here...and this time we have something a little different!

In Adder's first vlog, Jamie Adkin, VP...

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17 November 2020

Adder Does the Double in 'The Manufacturer Top 100 Awards’

Adder has made the coveted Manufacturer Top 100 List for the second year running, and this time with not one, but two, of its manufacturing team...

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11 November 2020

How Control Room Operators Rely on IP KVM During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised challenges for many businesses around the world. For many, the simple fact that workforces have been driven to work...

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29 October 2020

Future-Proof Connectivity: Failing IT Security in Modern Enterprise - What Do You Need to Know?

The amount of data that businesses are collecting is growing exponentially, and most of it remains easily accessible across the organization. In fact...

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21 October 2020

Future-Proof Connectivity: The Evolution of KVM

What is KVM, why is it important, and how did it evolve to become such a critical part of organizations’ IT infrastructure around the world?


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1 October 2020

Adder Sales Lead Receives Industry Accolade

When it comes to award winning, Adder Technology doesn't stop with products and commercial success (See below). Now its' employees are being...

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24 September 2020

KVM Extenders and Multi-Stream Transport (MST) – A Match Made in Heaven

As our daily lives become busier, and we have more tasks to complete, we strive to be more productive.

It wasn’t too long ago that having more than one...

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25 August 2020

SMPTE ST 2110 - Helping Broadcasters Reap the Rewards of IP KVM

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is an organization that aims to help broadcast and media companies move towards an IP-based future through...

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