AUSA Global Force 2023

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About AUSA Global Force

The 2023 AUSA Global Force Symposium & Exposition will explore the capabilities outlined in the Army’s Modernization Strategy to drive transformational change. Special guest presentations, coupled with panel discussions from our senior military and industry leaders, will address critical points of research and development, acquisition and contracting, force sustainment, strategic divestiture, and industry partnerships.

For the Army, this means greater synergy with industry partners to ensure a modernized defense industrial base and an Army capable of conducting MDO. The Army must continue to streamline its acquisition processes, and continue to invest in the modernization of facilities and infrastructure, training, and skill sets required across the AME, with an eye towards the future, to maintain overmatch for great power competition.

About Adder

The amount of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data being collected by government and military organizations is increasing. Whether on land, in the air, or at sea, the need to visualize, analyze and deliver mission-critical information to decision-makers is of the utmost importance.

KVM technology gives your personnel secure, reliable, and real-time access to highly sensitive data and video content; enabling them to make faster and better-informed decisions in mission-critical situations. Adder’s range of KVM solutions are trusted by thousands of governments and organizations around the world to deliver real-time control of remote critical computing resources.

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