The Western Association of Broadcast Engineers (WABE) 2024

The Western Association of Broadcast Engineers (WABE) 2024

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About WABE

Engaging with top Canadian manufacturers, suppliers, and industry experts is made possible by the WABE tradeshow. Participating gives you access to a wide range of potential clients and the opportunity to present your goods and services to influential industry decision-makers.

Being a non-profit, WABE is dedicated to helping our partners and members by offering top-notch educational materials and fighting for the development of our sector.

A talented and committed collection of technical media and entertainment executives and professionals from across Canada make up our delegates. They are the main force behind the management, distribution, and production of media content across the country.

About Adder

In order to create engaging content, dynamic and highly creative environments like radio studios, broadcast control rooms, post-production houses, and outside broadcast trucks depend on ergonomic working practices and dynamic technology. For many, KVM technology is the keystone that maximizes IT efficiency, improves working conditions, and yields optimal productivity. KVM reduces excessive noise and heat emissions from the workspace, enhances workflow optimization, and fosters inter-team collaboration by centralizing computers.

Adder has been providing customers with support for all broadcast and media applications since 1984. Customers can profit from the flexibility, scalability, and enhanced ergonomics that KVM solutions will deliver, regardless of whether they are used in a broadcast studio, a live control room environment, or something completely different.

To understand more about how our products will boost productivity in secure environments visit our Media and Entertainment page.

To see real life examples of our high performance IP KVM has already made a difference, read our customer success stories.

If you would like to meet some of our IP KVM experts, get in touch with us now or register for WABE with the link below!

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