The Rise and Rise of Data in the Control Room

The Rise and Rise of Data in the Control Room

Digitalization has seen an unimaginable influx of data entering the control room. This increase in data, which takes the form of both structured and unstructured, has been driven heavily by industrial use along with consumer adoption of social media (the latter playing a bigger share).

Structured data is information that can be tabulated into rows and columns, for example – materials which will come from a database, such as SCADA systems, and which are relatively easy to manage, interpret, and analyze.   While unstructured data comprises information which cannot be tabulated, and which is not just hugely complicated to make inferences from, but also requires substantial amounts of storage and bandwidth for real-time ingestion. 

Examples include CCTV, satellite information and video and audio streams. Unstructured forms are becoming ever more prevalent in the functions of mission-critical operations and include text, video, and imagery such as live-streamed visuals or narration of events as they play out.



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The Rise and Rise of Data in the Control Room