Heathrow is Europe's largest airport and one of the world's top international aviation hubs. The ADDERLink INFINITY range was used to address the ergonomic, operational and efficiency challenges that control room operators were experiencing.

Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) is a leader in media services, system integration and software development in the areas of television, radio, production and post-production, telecommunication and IT.

Bausch + Lomb, a global eye health company, wanted remote access to multiple computers from multiple screens. This was achieved by the AdderLink Infinity solution.

Titra TVS needed access to multiple computers from multiple locations. The AdderLink Infinity and AdderLink Infinity Manager were deployed to enhance and refine their workflow

This particular energy management project wanted a vast number of computers to be located in multiple, remote and ultra secure sever rooms with secure access.

Globo TV wanted to streamline their process, allowing operators to manage the 25 ingest computers from 6 different locations and display all or designated ingest streams on a video wall.